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For Commercial and Private Clients

The North Easts Leading Haulage and Plant Hire Provider

For Commercial and Private Clients

The North Easts Leading Haulage and Plant Hire Provider

North East Haulage Services

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Welcome To Arrowhaul

Supporting Construction & Civil Engineering In The North East At Arrowhaul & Plant Hire Ltd, we take pride in our Billingham roots, yet our influence extends far and wide. Whether your project requires efficient plant machinery transport, large-scale excavations, or site clearing, our comprehensive services are designed to enhance and support construction projects across the region. When it comes to haulage and plant hire, opt for the intelligent choice—rely on Arrowhaul & Plant Hire for haulage and plant hire in the North East.

Road Haulage And Plant Hire Services

Our services are tailored for civil engineering and construction companies throughout the North of England. From transporting heavy machinery and materials to meticulous road cleaning, we have a wide range of machines and tools available for rent, with or without operators. Count on us as your reliable project partner every step of the way.

Dedicated to Supporting your Construction Project

Total Support

We provide a complete support system, including route planning, load optimization, and exceptional customer service, to enhance your experience.

Specialized Equipment and Handling

We have the necessary resources and expertise to transport heavy and specialized equipment safely and securely.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our services can adapt to changing project needs, offering flexibility and scalability to accommodate your project requirements.

Reliable & Dedicated

Our company ensures on-time delivery of materials and supplies, with a focus on reliability via the utilization of live GPS position on all our haulage vehicles.


Client Feedback

Really great company with a vast amount of experience and expertise.

R Dybell

Had blocked drain shared with neighbouring property. Explained the situation to Arrowflow, they gave a quote, but asked more questions and advised I contact Northumbrian

David Markers

Great, honest company:

N Orton